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Cape Cod

Head of Meadow Beach in North Truro Cape Cod Mass. . The Winter Storms of 2012-2013 was very hard as it cut the beach almost in half. You had to swim across the new canal to get to the open ocean!..

Head of Meadow

Head of Meadow Beach in North Truro Cape Cod Mass. . This Picture is from the Ocean side looking back at the parking lot..

Head of Meadow

This is a picture that show people crosing the newly made canal to get to the Ocean.

Head of Meadow

Rita taking pictures of this canal (River).newly created by Mother Nature during the Winter of 2012-2013!

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Welcome to the Bouchards

This site is not just the Bouchards but a Happy birthday  of many different familes . We have Daughters getting married and then Grandsons . We have friends of ours and children oh and Ddid I say the original family of which I am a member had a total of 11 members ( mother and father,9 brothers and sisters!

The family is now at 8 members as 1 brother passed as a baby and mom & dad passed a number of years ago and 2013 saw my younger brother Allen's passing !


The site consists of pictures alblums and stories or upcoming events reflecting experiences of grandsons , daughters ,friends and all others !
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